5. May 2023.

Condolence statement in regards to tragedy in Belgrade

We have been extremely shaken by the news of the tragedy at the elementary school Vladislav Ribnikar in Belgrade, where many lives were taken in an inexplicable incident. 

There are no words of consolation for the victims’ families, especially because a child committed the crime, and the crime took place in a location that we consider safe for our children. 

We extend the deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims, as well as our best wishes for a quick recovery to those who were injured.

This event serves as a tragic reminder of the obligation of the entire community to raise awareness of modern world influences, child mental health conditions and the issues they deal with.

None of us thought that we would ever have such announcements. Although mass shootings are extremely rare in Serbia, unfortunately, we now witness two unprecedented events in two consecutive days.

Serbia is experiencing back to-back mass shootings and we extend our condolences to the families affected by the Belgrade Suburban mass shooting.  

We are at disposal in every way to everyone who needs help, especially bereaved families.

Rest in peace to all those lives lost. 

We will pray for all struggling with these senseless acts and that there will never be more posts like this.